Levi Carter lives in Oklahoma City with his wife Lizeth, and their three children, Abi, Caleb and Ryan. He is an Associate Pastor at Victory Church where he has the privilege of working with students and interns.

I love cheap clothes and expensive coffee.

I married my wife primarily because she looks exotic.

I love people deeply, but love being alone more.

If I didn't have to feed my kids, I would be a monk and give my life to prayer and study... Plus there's the whole celibacy thing, so it's probably not going to happen.

My life is a huge mess, but it's growing on me.

Henri Nouwen is my best friend even though he's not alive, and we never met. However, we're going to be the cat's pajamas in heaven so just get ready for that.

I am a wantrapeneur and aspiring author of  THE MOST POWERFUL MAN I NEVER KNEW; a journey from fatherlessness to adoption.