A Great Salvation

Today I am reminded of the words of the Reformation's great theologian,

"All that is necessary for salvation is the knowledge that I am a great sinner and that Christ is a great Savior"  ~John Calvin

It is alarming to know that that great human quandary which has eclipsed the ages, lurks quietly within our own members. Like some kind of unknown cancer, we begin to see it's symptoms without fully knowing it's severity.

Our problem is no small thing, but as Calvin says, we are better to know it, Blaise Pascal once said, "It is good to be tired and wearied by the futile search after the true good, that we may stretch out our arms to the Redeemer."

The problem of the human race is serious...and it is eternal; But sin's greatness is rivaled only by it's remedy.

Christ, the paschal lamb, was, and the Jews knew nothing of this, not a great man as they had always supposed, He was God's only Son. 

The existence of the Messiah was known, but his nature was veiled; concealed within the words of the  ancient prophecies. Perhaps it was known only in the heart of God, perhaps this was part of the Ephesians 3 "mystery which was not made known to men in other generations which has now been revealed by the Spirit."

Yet this was his glorious plan all along, the "Lamb slain before the creation of the world". Or even that he would "dwell among us", should be enough to elude our greatest cerebral capacities. As Lewis writes in the Last battle, 'Yes,' said Queen Lucy. 'In our world too, a Stable once had something inside it that was bigger than our whole world.'

Such a divine plot could only be the contrivance of beings no less magnificent than the Godhead themselves. We are partakers of no small emancipation; but the heirs of what Hebrews calls "such a great salvation", and this wrought by no less of a propitiate, Christus Victor, Christ the Victor!